9c909_chef_works_31puqsh6gaLHi all, I am a software designer who spent most of his career on imaging, vision and rather large scale software architectures. I like good fast solutions, I love abstractions that allow us to to solve complex problems through software solutions. This is my first blog experiment; I will post thoughts and investigations mostly on software design and architecture. You will most likely find questions and experiments here rather than short concise technical answers on one technology or another. This blog place is intended to have fun with software. And software is fun because you can build the problems, the tools and the solutions and reiterate till you get to the ideal combination. Hardware can be fun as well, but you can’t play as much. Mechanics is cool, but it takes long to iterate solutions. This is why we like software! We can play and keep improving it. We can break and build. The best software is like a great novel, a fine distillate of vision, great ideas, and a lot of work thrown in the dustbin. It’s like high level cooking where you keep only the best ingredients and experiment with processes till the solution can be easily repeated.

Coincidentally I also like food and cooking. My family is tolerant enough to accept that I practice my grastronomical science experiments at home. I’d surely prefer to discuss in front of a glass of whine, but a blog page will do for now. Welcome to a (nearly) ideal development environment!

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